Honkai Star Rail is finally coming to PS5 at the end of this year

Honkai Star Rail will come to PS5 in Q4 2023. 

Developer Hoyoverse confirmed the long-awaited console release of its new sci-fi turn-based JRPG during today's Summer Game Fest Live showcase. All we got was a broad Q4 2023 placeholder, but at least we actually have something holding it in place now. You can already play the game with a controller on PC or mobile, and it's actually a comfy fit for controller play, so it'll be nice to play it on a big screen from the couch. 

Assuming we're talking about quarters defined by normal people and not fiscal calendars, this means Honkai Star Rail will be playable on PS5 sometime in October, November, or December. 

The game's six-week release schedule means it should be due for major updates on or around October 10 and November 21. Assuming the PS5 release does coincide with a big patch, those dates seem like reasonable estimates, though that's subject to change. 

Honkai Star Rail just dropped update 1.1, which kicked off with the release of Silver Wolf, a new five-star Quantum Nihility character who's gunning for a top spot on our Honkai Star Rail tier list

The next half of update 1.1 will see five-star Imaginary Abundance character Luocha and four-star Imaginary Harmony character Yukong. Update 1.2 will notably give out a free copy of Yukong, introduce new five-stars Kafka and Blade, and add four-star Physical Nihility character Luka, the cybernetic fighter featured in today's SGF trailer. 

Another character, Fu Xuan, looks to be coming in update 1.3 based on official posts, and leakers claim to have found over 20 other unannounced characters already. 

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