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This Logan teaser on how X-23 got her claws is like a horror movie (and hides a few clues)

Logan has done nothing but promise a super interesting tone for a Wolverine/X-Men movie, and that's continuing with this viral teaser with all the feel of some hideous horror movie. 

It shows how Laura, or X-23, got her claws. Spoilers: hideous experimentation.  

First up, that is horrible. The low quality video with unpleasant sound is way off the usual feel of an X-Men movie. Not to mention the surgical mutilation and self harm. I'm starting to think this film really might be the dark, unpleasant superhero story we're all hoping for. 

But there's more: we see Laura's legs bandaged up, suggesting she'll have her foot claws as well, something we've yet to see in any trailers. Then there are the other children seen entering various cells. Historical canon has X-23 as a cloned daughter of Wolverine (an attempt to repeat the Weapon X program that created him) but these other children all look very different. Might they be clones of other mutants long gone in Logan's bleak future.

Of course we might not see any of those kids in the final film but it certainly gives you plenty to consider about the world this movie's creating. Plus it suggests Richard E Grant's Dr. Zander Rice character (and scientist behind Laura) is not a nice man at all

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