Holiday Download Guide

Dec 21, 2007

December is the month of giving and, better yet, receiving. December is the month when sugarplum visions of $400 consoles and $60 games dance through your head. And, of course, December is the month when your loved ones usually just cheap out and buy you a gift card instead.

So long as that gift card is an online points card from Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, however, you'll be alright. With so much downloadable content available for so little money, you could stretch a few dollars into endless hours of entertainment. The trick is separating the hidden gems... from the hidden crap. That's where we come in.

Xbox Live Arcade- Over 100 titles, both brand new and very old, jostle for your attention. Here are the definite winners and surefire losers.

PlayStation Network- Some of the most innovative gaming experiences are only offered here. But some of the most awful are as well.

Wii Virtual Console- Six classic platforms, from NES to Neo Geo, are revived. Which childhood nostalgia still holds up after all these years?

Charlie Barratt
I enjoy sunshine, the company of kittens and turning frowns upside down. I am also a fan of sarcasm. Let's be friends!