When do you unlock mounts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Highwing the white Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy
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You'll want to get Hogwarts Legacy mounts unlocked as soon as you can because it's one of the best ways to travel around the map. The option might be a touch slower than just jumping on your Hogwarts Legacy broom, but it's a far more majestic and visually pleasing choice. However, mounts do unlock a lot later in the game compared to brooms so if you want to prioritise it or you just aren't sure where mounts are in Hogwarts Legacy, let me explain it all. 

How to get mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

Highwing the white Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Interactive)

To get mounts in Hogwarts Legacy you need to complete the mission called The High Keep. It's a main mission quest after the second trial - Charles Rookwood's Trial - and starts with meeting Natty near some old castle ruins, where you'll also have to climb the battlements in Hogwarts Legacy.

This will see you eventually rescue a Hippogriff called Highwing, and another Hippogriff, from poachers. Once this quest is completed you'll be able to then summon Highwing as a mount. He can both fly and run around on the ground, depending on how you want to get around.  

Once that's one you'll also unlock any pre-order or Deluxe Edition mount bonuses you might have. Anyone who pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy will get access to the onyx Hippogriff called Caligo, and then Deluxe Edition owners also get a Thestral called Sepulchria.

How to summon mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

The wheel showing all your potions and mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

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Once you've completed the High Keep mission and have access to Highwing, you can summon them using L1 / LB and then triangle / Y. Basically bring up your radial gear menu and you'll see, and be able to activate, Highwing on the right.

Once you're on and ready to go, press X / A to take off, or you can also run along the ground while mounted. In the air, you can press R2 / RT to go faster, and then use the right analogue stick to adjust your height. 

It's much harder to land on a mount than on the broom, so to land you need to push all the way down until your mount reaches the ground, and then press circle / B to actually get off.

How many Hogwarts Legacy mounts are there?

Caligo the onyx Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Interactive)

There are currently four Hogwarts Legacy mounts available in-game. These are:

  • Highwing the white Hippogriff (unlocked by completing The High Keep mission)
  • Caligo the onxy Hippogriff (pre-order bonus)
  • Sepulchria the Thestral (Deluxe Edition bonus)
  • Lord of the Shore the Graphorn (unlocked by completing the quest San Bakar's Trial)

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