Should you steal the Fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy for Garreth Weasley?

Hogwarts Legacy feather steal weasley
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Should you steal the Fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy? It's a problem that comes up when you meet Garreth Weasley the first time you attend a potions class. It puts you on the spot because, obviously, stealing from teachers is bad, but you also don't want to not help someone. So what are the options, and what are the outcomes? Here are the consequences I've discovered when it comes to stealing the fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy or not. (Spoilers: it doesn't change much.)

The request to steal the Fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy arises when you speak to Garreth Weasley in your first potions class. You'll have learned a few Hogwarts Legacy Spells by the time you've reached this point, probably with little issue. However, now you have a choice to make: you'll be given permission to enter Professor Sharp's office to fetch a couple of ingredients and Weasley will ambush you, asking you to steal a fwooper feather while you're in there. 

This is just one of the pupil related tasks you can end up doing as you meet people. Things like Hogwarts Legacy gobstones, Hogwarts Legacy quiz answers are all tied meeting certain characters in the game and picking up quests for them. 

Hogwarts Legacy feather steal weasley

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Should you steal the Fwooper feather in Hogwarts Legacy?

It makes no difference if you steal the feather or not in Hogwarts Legacy. If you take it Professor Sharp will tell you off, and if you don't, Garreth will be fine and say he'll work something else out.

Whatever you pick, the lesson will continue and end the same way. The choice has no real impact in Hogwarts Legacy and whether you steal or not: 

  • If you steal the feather you'll be told off by Professor Sharp for doing it
  • If you don't steal the feather, Garreth won't mind while Professor Sharp will note your actions. 

Whatever decision you make Weasley will still approach you later in the game with a plan to break into Honeydukes sweetshop. Nothing comes of Professor Sharp telling you off, bar the quick dressing down in the lesson either - There are no later repercussions, so it doesn't really matter what you pick here. 

Most of the missions you get from students are fairly simple and often involve getting something or going somewhere. One exception to that are the Hogwarts Legacy quiz answers you'll need when Sephronia ambushes you with a trivia challenge. 

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to J.K. Rowling’s public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy.

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