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Highest-level Overwatch player ties to teach his mum to play games

One of the world's highest-level Overwatch players has taken on a new challenge in the latest episode of Totally Game - teaching his mum to play too. 

David 'TreeBoyDave' Norris has already played over 18,000 hours of Overwatch to reach the level of 11,908, but now he's going to try and teach his mum. The 63-year-old Janet Norris said her only experience with games was Minesweeper and Solitaire, with a little Sim City thrown in for good measure. 

“I felt very nervous about the idea of playing Overwatch,” said Janet. “Because I’d never played anything like that before."

“When I started I really hadn't a clue what I was doing. But once I got the hang of moving around and shooting and recognising the enemies it was okay. I quite enjoyed it.”

As you'll see in the Totally Game episode above, TreeBoyDave actually manages to guide his mum to her first kill, and even level her up - all on her first session with Overwatch. 

“I can't believe she did so well. To be honest, I've probably done a really good job of teaching her," said TreeBoyDave. 

 “I liked the game, actually it was good fun. A bit stressful but in a good way. But my goodness, you have to concentrate. I mean, everything's going on in your ears and then you have to operate with two hands and watch where you're going and look for enemies all at the same time.” 

Janet's even expressed an interest in continuing to play Overwatch too, especially considering just how passionate her son is about the title. 

TreeBoyDave now streams six hours a day, for six days a week on Twitch, having started playing Overwatch when the game first game out in 2016. He became the first player in the world to hit level 5,000 in Februray 2018, and followed that on by becoming the first to hit 10,000 in October 2019. 

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