Should you kill 5 Torg in High on Life? Here's the choice explained

High on Life 5 Torg
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Should you kill 5 Torg in High on Life? After killing a boss called 9 Torg, you have to make a tough choice: should you kill 5 Torg, 9 Torg’s rival? After all, she does admit to being a criminal…

Once you’ve chosen a path, you can’t go back. So if you wish to know the consequences of this High on Life player choice, and you don’t mind the spoiler, read on to find out what happens if you kill 5 Torg.

High on Life 5 Torg

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Should you kill 5 Torg in High on Life?

There aren’t any immediate consequences linked to 5 Torg’s death and, based on her dialogue, if there are long-term effects they've yet to be discovered.

If you kill 5 Torg you'll activate a health bar and she'll start wailing and warning you about the other Torgs, and then… Well, then she dies. 5 Torg doesn’t put up a fight at all, but as Kenny (the talking pistol) will tell you, she still counts as a ‘secret boss’. 

What you'll discover during all this extra dialogue is that 5 Torg promises to make you an honorary Torg and mentions that she intends to become the new crime lord now that 9 Torg is dead. She also says that 3 Torg will take over if she dies, adding that he’s “worse than her”.

So, you should probably kill 5 Torg if you don’t want to miss the extra dialogue that follows and the secret boss kill you'll get for doing it. While we can't be sure 100% sure that killing 5 Torg doesn’t ruin some secret thing later in the game, we've yet to discover repercussions. If you want to be extra sure though, look up the scene on YouTube, and leave her alive in your game. Knifey won’t applaud you for that though.

Where to find the The High on Life 5 Torg choice 

High on Life 5 Torg

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Let’s start with 5 Torg’s location, since there’s a small possibility to miss this choice by immediately walking away. To find 5 Torg, you must take your first bounty hunter assignment from Gene, which will lead you into the slums. Fight the Torg minions and keep following the objective until you encounter 9 Torg, the crime boss you’re looking for. On a side note, you can find Gene’s Knife before fighting 9 Torg which will open up the dilemma of whether you should stab Gene in High on Life later. He's a busy character too as you'll be asked should Gene should leave or stay in High on Life later as well.  

After ending 9 Torg’s reign of terror, you will speak with 5 Torg, the alien-bug who’s hanging from a rope. As the dialogue suggests, 5 Torg can’t free herself, which makes it awfully tempting to finish her off. You can’t free her (so don’t bother shooting the rope), so the only other option is to leave 5 Torg behind.
And that’s everything we know about the 5 Torg choice in High on Life. Good luck on your next moral dilemma, but if you want something where no one gets hurt... well, almost no one - check out the High on Life warp discs and crystals for secret areas and activities. 

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