High on Life warp discs and crystals locations and uses

High on Life warp discs and crystals
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High on Life Warp Discs and Warp Crystals unlock extra content. Want to fix a toilet? Watch another B-movie? Thrash an adorable little town? The Warp Discs let you do all that and more. All you need is a shady Warp Disc merchant and a bunch of Warp Crystals.

You may have already used a Warp Disc during the Krubis Bounty, but the game doesn’t tell you how to obtain more of them afterwards. To point you in the right direction, here’s how to unlock the Warp Disc shop, how to use them, and how to farm Warp Crystals. 

What are High on Life Warp Discs and Warp Crystals? 

High on Life warp discs and crystals

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Simply put, Warp Discs unlock bonus locations in High on Life. While you don’t actually need them for story progression, they’re pretty hilarious additions to the game. Visiting the Warp Disc locations also unlocks a secret achievement.

To buy Warp Discs, you need Warp Crystals. These pink, glowing stones spawn pretty early on (before you’ve even heard of Warp Discs), so keep an eye out for them. They’re typically located on top of enemy Warp Bases (see picture). We’ve got a few more tips on how to farm Warp Crystals below.

How to unlock High on Life Warp Discs 

High on Life warp discs and crystals

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During the Krubis bounty, you will obtain the Warp Remote and use a Warp Disc for the first time. However, you can’t use the Warp system freely until you’ve completed both the Krubis and Douglas bounties and visited Blorto’s Chef Stand in Blim City afterwards. 

Blorto is located right in front of your house, just behind the bench where you met Gene for the first time. It’s the reddish alien in the dirty-looking food stand with the octopus on top. Once you’ve spoken to him, you can buy any of his illegal Warp Discs, as long as you’ve got the Crystals. 

High on Life Warp Disc cost 

Here’s an overview of how many Warp Crystals you need to buy a Warp Disc at Blorto’s Chef Stand: 

  • Cutie Town Warp Disc: Free
  • Movie Theater Warp Disc: Three Crystals
  • Trolley Tracks Warp Disc: Five Crystals
  • Toilet Warp Disc: Five Crystals
  • Skate Park Warp Disc: Eight Crystals
  • Quiet Cottage Warp Disc: Ten Crystals

How to farm Warp Crystals in High on Life  

High on Life warp discs and crystals

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Don’t have enough Warp Crystals to buy them all? The Upper Valley in Zephyr Paradise is the perfect spot to farm Warp Crystals. Use the Bounty 5000 to go there, and you’ll find several Warp Bases with Warp Crystals on the roof. To remove the seal around the Warp Crystals, defeat nearby enemies. You may repeat this process for additional Crystals.

I used the following loop to farm Warp Crystals in this location:

  • Teleport to the Upper Valley.
  • Walk over to the nearby piece of highway, then go through the purple cave opening behind it. 
  • Shoot the little blue mites while proceeding through the tunnels.
  • Collect the Warp Crystal next to the teleport. 
  • Go back home through the teleport, then go back to Upper Valley and repeat the process. 

This method should work fairly early on, right after defeating Krubis and Douglas. Remember that the key factor is the presence of enemies; if there’s no incoming enemy wave, there’s no way to unseal the Warp Crystals. If you can’t seem to trigger enemy activity, proceed with your current bounty and try again later. 

How to use High on Life Warp Discs 

High on Life warp discs and crystals

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What to do with Gene?

Stab Gene High on Life

(Image credit: Squanch )

Gene starts your bounty hunting career but he's a pain and there's some decisions you might need help with like whether to stab Gene in High on Life or should Gene leave or stay in High on Life.

Warp Discs can only be used at Warp Points, as indicated by a purple beam. You can use the two beams shown in the picture, which are located in Port Terrene, the Outskirts. After teleporting, keep walking straight ahead (past the large neon sign that says ‘drugs’ on the right) until you see the beams.

To activate a Warp Disc, stand on the platform beneath the purple beam and use the interaction button to open the Warp Disc menu, then choose the one you want to place. You’ll be able to switch Warp Discs whenever you want, and you can ‘replay’ them as often as you’d like.

How to get the Warp Disc achievement 

High on Life warp discs and crystals

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Here’s an overview of the activities in each Warp Disc location. If you do all of these, you unlock the ‘Seeing All the Sights’ achievement. 

  • Cutie Town: tramble things, see what happens. 
  • Movie Theater: sit down and wait for the movie to start. You don’t need to watch the whole thing.
  • Trolley Tracks: you get to decide which aliens die a horrible death (remember the Warp Disc respawn option; you can try the other outcome!).
  • Toilet: solve the pipe puzzle. Use Kenny’s Glob Shots to turn individual pieces until all the green lights are lit, and the pipes are connected between the two guys.
  • Skate Park: talk to the three aliens sitting near the bowl. They’ll ask you to perform a stunt; jump up and use Knifey’s whip-like special to stay in the air and gather points. 
  • Quiet Cottage: open the reward boxes inside. 

And that’s how High on Life Warp Discs work. Let’s farm those Warp Crystals and head to Cutie Town!

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