Heroes news update

We all love Heroes. And so we’re chuffed that on Saturday it picked up the American Television Critics Association’s award for Program of the Year. The only other SF winner was Kyle XY, for Outstanding Achievement in Children's Programming. Visit this news site for more details of the awards.

During the week, Jack Coleman - who plays the enigmatic Mr Bennet, also nicknamed HRG (Horn-Rimmed Glasses) - was talking at the Television Critics Association about how things will evolve for him in the next season.

"He's still a dangerous guy. I think it's clear that he would move heaven and earth for Claire, but you don't want to cross him,” SCI FI quotes him as saying. "He's a guy with a plan, and certain things may have to be jettisoned in order to make that plan work... The old secrets have all been divulged. We're not re-treading the old ground. But there's old ghosts."

You can read an SFX profile interview with Jack Coleman in issue 160, on sale now. In the UK, the first season ended last week on SCI FI, but comes to BBC2 later this month for those still stuck with terrestrial TVs. The BBC has its official site up and ready. Heroes returns for its second season in the US on 24 September, and you can read more about the show every month in SFX magazine. (We’re also reviewing Kyle XY in Spoiler Zone these days too, fact fans).

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