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Here's when you'll finally be able to play Dying Light's new Hellraid

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Hellraid, the next paid-for DLC heading to Techland's Dying Light (opens in new tab), is set for release on July 23, 2020.

"Over five years after the release, Dying Light is getting an exciting DLC that’s bound to refresh your experience with the game," the developer teased on the video description (thanks, Eurogamer (opens in new tab)). "Get ready for an entirely new game mode based on our currently-on-hold first-person dark fantasy slasher Hellraid. That’s right – dark fantasy!

"To keep the hellish setting consistent, we’ve populated the stronghold with completely new demonic enemies and designed an array of fitting fantasy weapons to slay them with," it added. "Hellraid comes with its own progression system and you’ll have to improve your rank to unlock new swords, hammers, and axes. These are more than just pieces of equipment – they’re trophies. Each run through the dungeon will reward you with coins that you can spend to proudly wield Hellraid weapons in Harran. Every time you revisit the fortress, you’ll have a choice to increase the prize by picking up bounties. Whether you choose to test your skills alone or in co-op (up to 4 people), you’ll face a considerable challenge.

Here it is in action:

Dying Light - Hellraid will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One from 23rd July for £8. Pre-order on Steam, however, and you'll get a sneaky chance to try out the action early and partake in this weekend's beta test and join the many, many people who are still playing Techland's sleeper hit (opens in new tab).

As Alex confirmed at the time the DLC was announced earlier this year, Dying Light: Hellraid is inspired by Techland's unreleased fantasy role-playing game, Hellraid (opens in new tab), which the studio emphasises remains on hold for now as it continues to work on both Dying Light 2 (opens in new tab) and another IP. 

As for that sequel? Well, it's coming, but Dying Light 2 won't be arriving on our consoles and PC quite as soon as expected, unfortunately, as developer Techland announced in early 2020 (opens in new tab) that it needs "more development time to fulfil our vision". 

Techland has already confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be releasing on both PS5 and Xbox Series X (opens in new tab), though, so as we opined at the time (opens in new tab), the delay could point to the team focusing on next-gen development rather than current-gen consoles. 

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