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Here's how Respawn wants to change Apex Legends' Lifeline's abilities

Lifeline looks into the camera with a smirk
(Image credit: Respawn)

Respawn is tinkering with the special abilities of Apex Legends (opens in new tab) character, Lifeline.

Talking with fans on a recent AMA on Reddit, developer Respawn took the time to answer a number of different queries and questions, one of which concerned whether or not Lifeline's shield – which pops up when she's reviving fallen teammates – was a touch overpowered.

"How is Lifeline’s kit being handled?" asked Redditor CSKaay (opens in new tab). "Regardless of whether her [ultimate ability] gets changed or buffed, her passive needs a 10-20 sec delay between revives."

Associate live balance designer, John Larson, responded (opens in new tab) to the post to say that the team wanted to go further than just implement a cooldown for her shield, and is instead considering completely removing Lifeline's shield. 

"Removing res shield, increasing tactical healing speed by 60 per cent, buffing the CP to give guaranteed upgrades," Larson said, explaining that if Lifeline's shield is removed, this'll be offset by the fact her tactical healing will be faster, and her care packages will offer better gear (thanks, TheGamer (opens in new tab)).

Apex Legends is debuting a brand new War Games event next week (opens in new tab), with five rotating limited-time modes over two weeks. While the event rolls on, there'll be a total of five limited-time modes dropping in and out of rotation, alongside the regular duos and trios modes.

Additionally, there'll be a handful of new character skins debuting during the War Games mode. Right now, it's not clear how many new skins will be up for grabs, but we can see brand new Lifeline and Fuse skins. In all, there's plenty to look forward to in the pretty extensive War Games mode.

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