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Henry Selick to work with Neil Gaiman again

Neil Gaiman fans rejoice: Coraline director Henry Selick has told to expect more Gaiman adaptations from him in the future.

“We’re actually talking about it definitely,” he told us when we asked him what he'd like to do next. “We want to work together again, but I’d rather not say right now because there are so many - several - titles under discussion.”

American Gods? Neverwhere? Sandman? Our mouth waters...

Despite not being familiar with Gaiman’s novels before working on Coraline, the man behind Nightmare Before Christmas also said he’d found a kindred spirit in the author.

“It was a nice surprise and I felt like he was a brother you know, like my original friendship with Tim Burton.

“He felt like someone from the same planet as me, maybe different neighbourhood - he wears more black than me - but it was a nice script”.

Selick was close-lipped when we pressed for more details, but he did speak a little about what Gaiman is currently working on.

“I’m always interested in the next thing he’s going to write. At the moment, he’s on a particular project which takes him to China.

“So I can’t give out any titles but it was a great collaboration, really an artistically enhancing experience.”

It certainly sounds promising, especially as Coraline turned out so well ( see review here ).

So what Neil Gaiman project would you like to see Selick pick up next?