Help us get Karl Pilkington in The Hobbit!

We love the inspired/imbecilic ramblings of orange-headed genius/fool Karl Pilkington.

What better way to celebrate our love of all things Pilks than to try and get him a part as some kind of Middle-Earth creature thing in the upcoming Hobbit movie - if we get enough names, Del Toro we'll have to listen - so we'll need your help!

Described by Ricky Gervais as “the funniest man alive”, Karl Pilkington is the reluctant star of the Ricky Gervais Show series of podcasts and audiobooks.

We think The Hobbit is the perfect place for him to launch an illustrious – but ill-deserved - film career.

Also, Total Film is a friend of Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro, so if we can get enough support for this campaign, we’ll be able to pass it on to him directly!

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Join up and help us get him a part in The Hobbit - he'll really hate it!