Hello Games isn't talking about its next game because of No Man's Sky's controversial launch

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Hello Games founder Sean Murray says lessons were learned after the controversial launch of No Man's Sky back in 2016, and it's for that reason that we aren't hearing much about the studio's next game.

No Man's Sky was first revealed in 2013 and managed to garner an unprecedented level of hype for an indie game in the three years until release. Of course, as Murray remembers all too well, that hype turned to disappointment for fans who found the vacuum of space a bit too... empty. It makes sense then that he'd prefer Hello Games not to reveal too much about its next project.

"I mean, look, we have learned our lesson. We don't want to start talking about anything too early", Murray told IGN. "The only reason we talked at all about [our next game] was because we released our most recent game, Last Campfire, which was the first thing to come out since No Man's Sky. It's done by a separate team that we supported within the studio. But when we talk to press about it, a lot of them came at it from the angle of, 'Oh, well you did Joe Danger before. You've done No Man's Sky, and I guess you're doing Joe Danger-size games again.' ... We didn't want people to have that impression, because it's not exactly true."

Essentially, Murray felt the need to clarify that Hello Games' next project is another "huge, ambitious game like No Man's Sky" because the studio's most recent game was much smaller in scope. But other than that key piece of info, it sounds like we aren't going to hear much more about the untitled game for a while.

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