Helldivers 2 grunts have dismantled the Automatons and are squishing Terminids at pace, but can't help but fear Game Master Joel plans something horrid

Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2 grunts are preparing for the worst after liberating three planets in just a few days to end the Automaton threat once and for all, presumably.

Last week, Arrowhead initiated a Helldivers 2 Major Order to crush the Automatons, challenging players to liberate three bot-controlled planets in under four days. Things didn't start out well for Super Earth's forces, but they've now obliterated the robots on all three battlefronts, completing 'Operation Swift Disassembly' and eradicating the Automatons for good.

Well, that's on paper, at least. What's actually happened is that, in the wake of players completing the assignment, Super Earth's soldiers are now fearing for the worst, as they're predicting en masse that Game Master Joel has some incredibly nasty plot twist tucked up their sleeve to unleash on the Helldivers 2 community right as they're celebrating.

"One of the most fun parts of this game is waiting for the consequences," one Twitter user wrote in response to the success. "Anyone else seeing this in the format of the Simpsons meme where Joe throws out the drunk dude but the drunk dude appears inside the bar again?" adds a Reddit user, referencing Moe repeatedly throwing Barney out of the bar.

There's a lot of these sentiments going around social media right now. Helldivers 2 players have sort of been conditioned to expect the worst, and you can hardly blame them - just as the huge mechs were on the cusp of being added last month, Game Master Joel paused their rollout as Automatons battered the base planet that was constructing the Patriot Exosuits.

Others are convinced the entire Major Order was too easy. "It's been too easy for some odd reason," wrote one suspicious Twitter user. "We are in for it at some point this week," added another. Arrowhead sure does like to keep players guessing and on their toes, so who knows what's going to happen now? 

What's making matters worse is the fact that players are now tearing through Terminid planets with reckless abandon. Estanu, for example, a long-contested Terminid-controlled planet, has now been taken, according to the tweet below, and according to tracking website Helldivers.io, Fori Prime will be totally liberated in well under three days from now at the current pace. 

Meanwhile, Crimsica is well over 55% liberated at the time of writing, and Hellmire, one of the final Terminid-controlled planets available right now, is similarly seeing its liberation meter rapidly increase. If Arrowhead is going to strike back against players, look for it to happen within the next few days.

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