Helldivers 2 bug fixes take time because the dev team hasn't grown with the game's massive success: "There's just only so much time in a work week"

Helldivers 2
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Helldivers 2 studio Arrowhead has its hands full keeping up with the promised release cadence of one Warbond per month and also identifying and fixing bugs.

A bigger studio can allocate certain tasks to dedicated teams, and while Arrowhead does have its own QA department, associate community manager SpitzerFX revealed on Reddit that just one team is in charge of fixing bugs and developing new content. 

"Arrowhead still has a very small team compared to the success of the game, and while we have dedicated QA, the people fixing bugs with weapons and armor for example are the same people in charge of making new weapons and armor," they said."

Ultimately, as long as Arrowhead is committed to releasing content at its current pace, and without bulking up its development team, it sounds like democracy defenders will have to continue waiting for bug fixes depending on their priority.

"It's important to us to maintain the cadence that we promised - one warbond per month - but equally important to everyone to fix the glaring bugs and technical issues," SpitzerFX said. "There's just only so much time in a work week."

Just one consequence of the relatively small size of Arrowhead is that Helldivers 2 players will inevitably take advantage of bugs to exploit the system, but Arrowhead has said it's "aware" of such behavior and has called it "undemocratic," so it's probably best so stick with earning your Super Credits the good ol' fashioned way: by  using our guide to farming Helldivers 2 Super Credits.

And for help on how to squash a different type of bug, be sure to consult our handy guide to enemies in Helldivers 2 and how to beat them.

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