Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Guide

Heroes / Classes 

There are 9 heroes to choose from in Hearthstone, each from a diverse and culturally rich background aka ‘class’. They don’t just exist to prove that Blizzard is a keen supporter of equality when it comes to fantastical beings and their heritage. They also have different abilities known as hero powers and class-specific cards.

Malfurion Stormrage, Druid

Hero Power: Shapeshift +1 Attack this turn / +1 Armour

The attack buff lasts for the current turn only. The armour buff stacks each time you use the ability unless it's destroyed as a result of taking a beating.

Rexxar, Hunter

Hero Power: Steady Shot Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero

As the description states, the damage from this power can only hit the enemy hero and as such, is unaffected by the restrictions placed by minions with Taunt (see our Basic Glossary section for more info).

The Hunter can also equip and use a weapon and is one of the few classes with Secret cards.

Jaina Proudmoore, Mage

Hero Power: Fireblast Deal 1 damage

The beauty of this Hero Power is that the damage can be inflicted upon anyone on the board--hero and minion alike--and even better, is unaffected by Taunt minions.

Jaina also has access to the much coveted Secret cards.

Uther the Lightbringer, Paladin

Hero Power: Reinforce Summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit

It's always useful to be able to summon minions outs of thin air without having to waste precious resources like cards. While the stats for the Recruits are low, they will benefit from any buffs in play caused by other minions so this is a handy and quick way to build an army for little cost. Uther also benefits from being able to use weapons and Secret cards.

Anduin Wrynn, Priest

Hero Power: Lesser Heal Restore 2 Health

Any hero or minion can be targeted with this Hero Power.

Valeera Sanguinar, Rogue

Hero Power: Dagger Mastery Equip a 1/2 Dagger

Because this Hero Power is an attack from a weapon, it's limited by Taunt minions. As inferred from the Hero Power, the Rogue can equip and use weapons.

Thrall, Shaman

Hero Power: Totemic Call Summon a random Totem

Thrall's Hero Power will materialise 1 of 4 random Totems onto the board. However, he is limited to only 1 of each on the board at a time, so if all 4 are in play, the Hero Power cannot be used again until 1 of them has been removed. Probably from a grizzly orgy of death. The 4 potential summons are listed below:

Healing Totem 0/2 At the end of your turn, restores 1 health to all friendly minions
Searing Totem 1/1
Stoneclaw Totem 0/2 Imbued with Taunt
Wrath of Air Totem 0/2 Imbued with Spellpower +1

The Shaman can also wield a weapon.

Gul'dan, Warlock

Hero Power: Life Tap Draw a card and take 2 damage

Before you go crazy and start pulling cards out of your arse (which would explain the 2 damage), note that this will kill you if your hero's HP is low enough.

Garrosh Hellscream, Warrior

Hero Power: Armour Up! Armour +2

The armour buff can be stacked indefinitely, providing it's not obliterated by your opponent or their minions. The Warrior is also part of the weapon wielding elite.

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