Haze delay "has made a big difference"

Free Radical has assured PS3 owners that the delays slapped on its platform-exclusive FPS Haze have meant the game is far better as a result. But it's bound to say that isn't it?

"While we can't explicitly say what improvements we've made (I'd love to tell you all the cool stuff we've been putting in!... but I also love my job too...)," a Free Radical staffer teased on Ubisoft forums. "I can guarantee you that the extra bit of time has made a big difference for the better."

The spokesperson goes on to say the team understands the frustration gamers have been experiencing thanks to the topsy-turvy release date, "but we just want to make sure things are right for the people who'll be playing Haze *very* soon."

"...maybe once Haze is sat toasting away in your PS3s we'll be able to do some post mortem video's/articles for you lot, and explain what's gone in and what improved with the bit of extra time we had," they add.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 19, 2008