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  • GBA | Submitted by squirrel

    Doc's B-Day

    The Doctor's Birthday is Fall 19.

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous

    How to Get to the Doctor's Heart

    The quickest way to the Doctor's heart is to give him any type of grass everyday. If you do this, by Winter 10 he will have a red heart and might be ready to get married. But since there are no grasses in Winter, give him honey instead. And remember: on Wed. he goes to Mother's Hill, so don't forget!

    Editor's note: actually, there is white grass in winter. It can be found behind the church, past the huge boulder (you need the cursed, blessed, or mythic hammer to smash it), and in a little pathway above Gotz's house.

  • GBA | Submitted by Annitro

    Tons of Money Early in the Game!

    To get TONS of money early in the game, give Won 1 Gold Ore per day until he lets you play his "Apple Sorting game" AND sell stuff to him. Play 10 rounds in a row (not 10 games) and he will give you a Mystery Flower, which you can give to the Harvest Goddess or sell back to Won for 70,000 - 90,000 G.

  • GBA | Submitted by Wafi-19

    More Recipes

    BUTTER - mixer, milk
    CAKE - oven, whisk, seasoning sets-sugar, flour, butter, honey, egg
    CHOCOLATE CAKE -oven, whisk, seasoning sets-sugar, flour, butter, honey, egg, chocolate
    COOKIES - oven, rolling pin, seasoning sets-sugar, flour, butter, honey, egg
    CHOCOLATE COOKIES -oven, rolling pin, seasoning sets-sugar, flour, butter, honey, egg, chocolate
    GREENS - spinach, pot, soy sauce
    FISH STICK - large or medium fish, mixer, salt
    SALAD - knife, any veggies
    BOLDIGIZER - pot, orange green, black grass, honey, red magic flower
    TURBOJOLT - pot, orange green, white grass, honey, red magic flower
    SASHIMI - knife, medium or large fish

  • GBA | Submitted by w-19

    How to Make Cake

    CAKE - oven, whisk, sugar, flour, butter, egg, honey

  • GBA | Submitted by Annitro

    The Other Three Batchelors

    There are 8 batchelors in the game, 3 of which have invisible hearts and are extra. They are:

    Won: He's a traveling merchant. He LOVES gold ore.

    Goumet: He is found at the cooking contests. He likes all food and LOVES Elli Leaves.

    Jappa (A.K.A. the little green guy): To get this creep to begin to like you, throw cucumbers into the lake near mother's hill for 10 days and he will give you a blue power berry.

  • GBA | Submitted by Brielle

    Kai's Heart

    Grow a lot of pineapples, then wrap them and give them all to Kai, especially on his birthday, Summer the 22nd. You should have a red heart in 4 years. He also likes flour, oil, wine, grape juice, and grapes. Don't give him grasses or flowers.

  • GBA | Submitted by Libby-x-

    How to Get Gray's Heart in 1 Year

    Go to the mines and get 5 Silver a day to give to him for 1 year and his heart will turn Red, but wait 1 more year to to tie the knot.

    He'll be coming to his grandpa's shop around 8:10am, leaves for the libary around 1:00 and goes home at 4:00.

  • GBA | Submitted by NatceeRull

    Free Chickens

    Just buy one chicken and wait for it to lay an egg. Incubate it and wait until it grows up into a chicken. Then you don't have to buy another one. But keep in mind, you do have to pay for its food.

  • GBA | Submitted by KSUboy717


    Cliff's= Summer 6
    Lillia's= Spring 19
    Popuri's= Summer 3 or Summer 10
    Rick's= Fall 27

  • GBA | Submitted by RAR

    Stages of love

    Pink heart
    Blue Heart
    Green Heart
    Yellow Heart
    Scarlet Heart-can now buy BlueFeather at shop
    Dark Heart-ready to tie the knot

  • GBA | Submitted by RAR


    As you go on in the game you will want to get a boyfriend. The boys in the game are perfect for you. There are five eligible bachelors.

    Doctor- works and lives in the clinic. He is always here but on Wednesday he is at mothers hill. He likes any type of herbs, and honey. If you give him alot of herbs he just might give you something in return. But look out Elli his partner is after him.

    Cliff- Cliff likes wine, candy, honey, eggs, and milk. He is very shy and dosen't like to talk much unless you get him to a pink or blue heart: then he'll start to open up to you. And Cliff might leave if he dosen't find a job (hint hint).

    Rick- As you can tell he lives and works on the chicken farm. He loves eggs, honey, spa-boiled eggs, boiled eggs, and bluegrass. If you marry him you will get discounts at the poultry farm.

    Gray- He is very picky on what he likes. But he likes bluegrass and honey. Gray might seem rude but is actually very sweet. If you don't get to him quick he might marry Mary.

    Kai- Kai only comes during the summer but if he gets a high heart level he might just stay. Kai likes candy and honey. If you dont marry Kai he will marry Popuri.

  • GBA | Submitted by Corey Trainor

    How to find the Havest Goddess

    What you have to do is get an item eg. flowers, grass, etc. Then you have to throw your item in the water behind the hot spring. She will be there and after a while if you keep going to her she gives you a power berry.

  • GBA | Submitted by HMluver

    Get Rick To a Red Heart in One Year

    To get Rick to a red heart in a year you need to buy a chicken. Put it's first egg in the incubator and ship all of it's other eggs until the chick grows up. Then take one egg to the Hot Springs every day and give it to him. By the end of the year, he will be a red heart!

  • GBA | Submitted by ~*~Crystal~*~

    Make Cliff talk fer once!

    If you show Cliff your puppy he will open up and tell you he Wuvs Aminals! (loves Animals) I also think it gives him some heart exp. too!

  • GBA | Submitted by poke_pal

    Harvest Sprites Favorites

    The red, yellow, green, purple, dark blue,and orange like their color of grasses. The light blue one likes grapes.

  • GBA | Submitted by Raechel q

    Quickest way to Cliff's heart

    You can usally find Cliff at the church between 10:00am to 4:00pm. Cliff then goes back to the inn where he lives. He share a room with the blacksmith's grandson on the second floor. Cliff likes chocolate and wine from the winery. If you like Cliff,You better act fast or Ann will take him.

  • GBA | Submitted by dough boy

    Best crops for spring and fall

    SPRING: The best spring crops would be cucumbers and turnips. Cucumbers take 7 days to grow but they regrow very quickly. Turnips are cheap, grow in five days, and are worth more than you buy them.

    FALL: The best fall crop is sweet potatos. They grow in five days and regrow every other day.