Harry Potter RPG rumours recirculate following emergence of new details online

(Image credit: WB Games/Niantic)

New information about WB Interactive's Harry Potter RPG has surfaced online, potentially revealing more about the mystery project, which first caught the internet's attention when early gameplay footage leaked online in 2017. 

As reported by VG247, an anonymous source claiming to work for WB Marketing has posted an extensive summary of the project on the Harry Potter Subreddit, explaining that the upcoming title is officially called "Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy."

According to the leak, you'll play as a fully cutsomisable wizard of your choice in A Dark Legacy, who's just enrolled at Hogwarts as a fifth year student after being transferred from another school of magic arts. 

The role-playing game will apparently include a choice-driven narrative, deep and elaborate skill trees, romancable NPCs, playable Quidditch, a fully explorable Hogwarts, and a "reimagined version of the Nemesis system used in the Shadow of Mordor games" centered around your academic rivals. 

All of this information should be taken with plenty of skepticism about its veracity, of course, but it's interesting to speculate what Warner Brothers has cooking in the wizarding world for the next-generation of gaming. Whether this leak is authentic or not, it's likely that we'll hear about this project soon enough. 

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