My favorite gaming projector of 2024 just took its first major price cut

BenQ X300G projector on a wooden desk
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I first got my hands on the BenQ X300G in February, after the 4K portable projector launched at the very start of the year. I was enamored with its versatility, excellent picture, and robust setup features from day one, so packing it away into its box at the end of my testing was hard. That $1,799.99 MSRP isn’t prohibitive if you’re a projection enthusiast - after all, you could be spending upwards of $3,000 on a UHD device at the top of the range, but Amazon has stepped in with the X300G’s first-ever discount this week. 

You’ll find the classic white and black box available for $1,599 right now, $200 down from the original starting position. That puts the X300G in range of far less sophisticated devices like the older BenQ TK700. That $1,799 MSRP has been holding firm for months, only giving way in the last few days. 

This is the perfect opportunity to make that TV-to-projector leap, especially if you already have a wad of cash saved for a new display. The BenQ X300G is the year’s best projector for gaming around the house; you’re getting far more flexibility than you would with a standard gaming TV and a much bigger picture for your cash as well.   

BenQ X300G 4K projector | $1,799.99 $1,599 at AmazonSave $200 -

BenQ X300G 4K projector | $1,799.99 $1,599 at Amazon
Save $200 - Amazon has $200 off the BenQ X300G, dropping my favorite projector of the year so far down to a record-low price. This is the first major discount I’ve seen on the 4K device, a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to make the switch from a TV.

Buy it if: 

✅ You want to play in different rooms around the house
✅ You’re limited for space
✅ You don’t want to faff with setup

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You want to play dark games during the day

Price Check: Best Buy: $1,599 | Walmart: $1,599

Should you buy the BenQ X300G?

BenQ X300G projector on a wooden desk with Nintendo Switch, Asus ROG Ally, and PS5 controller

(Image credit: Future)

The BenQ X300G is a short throw projector designed to be as compact as possible while still offering plenty of power for your PS5, Xbox, or gaming handheld like Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. That means it can be set up pretty much anywhere - I regularly moved the setup from the living room to a bedroom during my testing. What’s more, there’s a whole host of automatic set up processes that can get your picture looking pretty great without you having to spend too much time in menus every time you pick a new spot. If you want big-screen gaming, but don’t want it limited to one room in the house this is a must-see. 

Of course, there are some drawbacks to going all in on a projector. The BenQ X300G doesn’t fare as well in ambient light as some other more expensive models. I noticed this more with darker scenes in-game, but small daylight bleed does have an impact on the vividity of your picture. I mostly play in the evening anyway, so it didn’t leave too much of an impression, but if you do want to use your device more in the day I’d recommend checking out the XGIMI Horizon Ultra

Doing so will mean you lose some of the more gamer-centric features of the X300G, though. A 240Hz refresh rate in 1080p is fantastic, and the 4K 60Hz still doesn’t disappoint either. There’s another trick up this projector’s sleeve as well. A USB-C port on the side allows for both picture and power delivery, which means - provided you’ve got a fast enough cable - you can hook up a Nintendo Switch with just one wire. This is a dock and projector in one - a lifesaver considering its portable form factor.  

We’re also rounding up plenty more of the best 4K projectors and the best portable projectors on the market. If you’re getting ready for summer, though, be sure to check out the best outdoor projectors available.  

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