Post Malone and Backbone are collaborating on a limited-edition mobile controller

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The next limited edition version of the popular Backbone One mobile controller releases later this month, and it’s not one I saw coming. The team at Backbone has launched a few limited edition models in recent years, but this next one is a collaboration with the world-famous rapper, Post Malone. 

If you aren’t a big fan of Posty’s music, you might be taken aback at one of the best mobile controllers sporting his branding. However, the celebrity is known to be a passionate gamer and makes his love of them known online frequently. 

The bold, green, semi-transparent Backbone One will launch on June 25, but there’s a catch. Only 500 total units will be available for sale worldwide, so fans should be ready to click the “buy now” button exclusively on Backbone’s website at 12 noon ET/ 9am PT / 5pm BST. 

Since he spends so much time touring, Post Malone is said to do a lot of his gaming on mobile, since he can access his various gaming accounts via the Backbone App. He said “Backbone found the perfect solution to bring gaming on the road. My schedule makes it difficult to game from home as much as I want. Grateful to collaborate with them on this release.”

The Green Post Malone Backbone One controller on a black background

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The musician had a direct design influence on the limited edition controller, which is why it sports his favorite color. It also features some technical upgrades from the Backbone One for Xbox and PlayStation, including an aluminium D-Pad and laser-etched face buttons. The packaging definitely has an exclusive feel to it, as it has sequential numbers on it and a glow-in-the-dark Post Malone logo. 

Maneet Khaira, the CEO of Backbone said “Bringing the Post Malone brand and his sincere love for gaming to the category-defining Backbone platform felt like a perfect match”. 

I was surprised to learn in recent weeks that Post Malone was a big gaming fan, but as it happens, he and I share a favorite game. I discovered this when one of my favorite Hunt: Showdown streamers posted a video to YouTube where he played with the artist.

I was carried by Post Malone in Hunt: Showdown - YouTube I was carried by Post Malone in Hunt: Showdown - YouTube
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Should you buy the Backbone One Post Malone Limited Edition Controller? 

Obviously, if you’re a Post Malone fan, this special edition of the Backbone One is going to be a must-have collector's item for you. But is the Backbone One all it’s hyped up to be?

Put it this way, there’s no way it could have become one of the most popular gaming accessories in the world if it wasn’t worth buying. It’s such a simple, portable, and usable controller that allows you to take the functionality of the best PC controllers on the go with you. Do note, however, that it looks as though only USB-C-compatible phones will be compatible with the new limited edition. Although Backbone previously had support for older iPhone models, they’ve since moved to USB-C in accordance with trade standards.

While the Backbone One is definitely still worth buying, it did drop from our top spot on the mobile controller leaderboard recently, and it’s in a category that’s getting more hotly contested by the month. 

GameSir G8 Galileo close up

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

My favorite mobile controller is the GameSir G8 Galileo, which has a larger form factor and two very useful back buttons. It doesn’t have the kind of official licensing that Backbone One’s PlayStation and Xbox versions have, nor does it have Post Malone’s endorsement, but it’s undoubtedly the best mobile controller I’ve tested so far. Not only is it more comfortable, but it’s also much more affordable than the Backbone.

Coming up right behind the G8 are the Razer Kishi Ultra, which I’m currently testing out, and the upcoming Scuf Nomad which is exclusively for iOS devices, but is priced at the same level as the Backbone. 

In my eyes, the mobile controller world has shifted in the last year, and Backbone isn’t the clear frontrunner it was. On the other hand, none of those competitors have the allure of beautifully designed limited editions like Post Malone’s. If you’d like to see some alternatives to fall back on if you can’t grab one of those exclusive 500 units, check out the window below.

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