HaloRadar: Stupidest Cheats 2

Submitted By: Some guy with way too much free time
Cheat Title: The switcheroo
Entry Location: online matches
Cheat: if you manage to kill all of the enemy team with a single grenade, your xbox 360 will morph into a PS3

GamesRadar: Pullin' the old switcheroo. Nothing makes Sony angrier than when someone pulls off this cheat.

Submitted By: shmole
Cheat Title: extra-fun mode
Entry Location: best-buy
Cheat: buy a ps3

GamesRadar: Alright Sony, we see what you guys are doing, but you can't stop the switcheroo by telling people to go out and buy your consoles.

Submitted By: me
Cheat Title: 3 seconds
Entry Location: any level with hunters
Cheat: In any level jump on a hunters head for three seconds and wiil kiil it instantly.

GamesRadar: Our favorite part of this one is how it combines the instant kill with the prerequisite of standing on the head for three seconds. That makes our site the exclusive host of the world's first three-second instant kill.

Submitted By: Yo momma
Cheat Title: be a fish
Entry Location: anywhere where theres water
Cheat: Press the H button 47 times underwater and you turn into a fish

GamesRadar: Fish are the Master Chiefs of the sea. Ironically, though, you have to be a fish in order to hit the H button at all (we'll explain how that works in next week's HaloRadar). It's a catch-22 kind of a cheat.

Submitted By: Mcprune
Cheat Title: Dissappearing gun.....
Entry Location: Ingame
Cheat: During a Game hold down LB+RB+A+Down on D-pad+LS and your gun will dissapear!
however it still shows in your shadow....

GamesRadar: That's not a cheat, it’s a ghost!