HaloRadar: Stupidest Cheats 2

Submitted By: The guy
Cheat Title: make master chief have a cellphone
Entry Location: anywhere
Cheat: press "A" and he has ha cellphone!
Also press "B" and instead of wacking you will teleport to the inside of a banshee

GamesRadar: That's what the "A" button is for!

Submitted By: a mirror
Cheat Title: fly like birdy
Entry Location: any custom game/forge
Cheat: all you need is a big pile of fusion coild and power cores and any other explosive, stack them up and then throw a PLASMA grenade and you fill fly like a bird
SIDEAFFECTS: death is 100% guaranteed!!

GamesRadar: Remember to read the side effects on all medications and cheats.

Submitted By: ????????????????????????????????????????
Cheat Title: flying mongoose
Entry Location:
Cheat: go to vallhalen. get on a mongoose. then ride it up to one of the towers. now ride it through one of the blue beams of air. then your mongoose will fly for a little bit.

GamesRadar: You've just described the effects of a grav lift.

Submitted By: Cool kid
Cheat Title: How not to die
Entry Location: Anywhere
Cheat: Dont got shot and you wont die

GamesRadar: Yes.

Submitted By: pebles123
Cheat Title: crap
Entry Location: any level
Cheat: shoot 1000000 grunts in one second and the next time you try to shoot a grut it will crap its pants like big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

GamesRadar: How do you shoot more than 486,832 grunts in one second?

Submitted By: blackmamba56
Cheat Title: TTFAF theme song
Entry Location: In credits
Cheat: Tap the intro to Through the Fires and Flames on your controller and you onlock it. You have to tap ALL 250 NOTES! Once this is done you will hear this song whenever the halo themesong plays

GamesRadar: Is there a sound that plays to let us know we've entered the code correctly? Note 247 might have been a quarter note instead of a half note.