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HaloRadar: Guide to Every Skull

Mission: The Covenant

Effect: Unlocks extra - often bizarre - dialogue throughout the campaign.

Instructions:The most complicated, but rewarding, skull to find. Destroy the two Scarabs near the end of the mission and then head inside to kill the Prophet of Truth and the Flood. When the huge hallway with the seven glowing rings is safe and empty, jump through the hoops in the following order (1 is closest to the entrance, 7 is closest to Truth's room, 4 is partially red):

4 6 5 4 5 3 4

If you mess up, just start over from the first ring. You'll know you've done the sequence correctly when every ring glows brighter and chanted music plays softly in the background. Go back to Truth's room to find the skull on the light bridge. You're done!

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