HaloRadar: Easter Eggs

Oct 26, 2007

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You followed our Skulls Guide (with video!) and nabbed all 13 noggins. Then you used our Terminals Guide (more video!) to unlock the secret story and a 40 point Achievement. You're done, right? What could possibly be left to discover in Halo 3?

Well... only a hidden heaping of nudity, public indecency, love letters, coded symbols, mysterious music, creepy characters, pop culture references (Mario? Seinfeld?) and other inside jokes - some hilarious, some plain bizarre - left behind by the game's sneaky creators.

Don't believe us? See for yourself on the following pages. We show you everything we and the Halo 3 community have found so far, plus how to locate them in your own game. Okay then - let's hunt some Egg!

Charlie Barratt
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