HaloRadar: Easter Eggs

EASTER EGGS #13 and 14 - Corporate Cannibalism

Bungie may enjoy trumping their past successes, but they also love poking fun at themselves... or at least their boss. Jason Jones, the company's co-founder, is positively roasted throughout Halo 3. "Missing Person" notices with his name and likeness are scattered in various levels, like The Storm and Floodgate. The one below was found in the first big open area of The Storm, near the far door.

Much more embarrassing, however, is the likeness of Jason Jones tucked away in a shadowy corner of the final mission. Damn, that dude must be cold. To reach him and then laugh at him, you'll need a PhD in grenade or rocket jumping. Our preferred method, requiring two players, is spelled out in the video below.

Charlie Barratt
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