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EASTER EGGS #10, 11 and 12 - History Repeats

Halo wasn't the first game Bungie made, you know. Before Master Chief was a glint in some artist or programmer's eye, the company was releasing classic fare like Myth and Marathon. They haven't forgotten their roots. In one of our favorite Halo 3 Easter Eggs, you can hear the piano theme from Myth - "Siege of Madrigal" - by standing in a distant corner of The Covenant mission. This lovely piece of music was hidden in the first two Halo games as well.

Then there are the Marathon symbols. Guilty Spark and the sentinels of Forge have got 'em - right in their eyes. You can also make out the icon on many of Halo 3's weapons. We think we see it on the Spartan Laser below... do you?

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