Halo: Reach multiplayer strategy guide

Thus far, only two maps have been revealed. We’ll update this guide as Bungie rotates new maps into the beta (we hear Friday will be the next update.)


Above: The deadliest camping spot on Powerhouse is the shadowy corner ledge on the right -there's a Stalker there RIGHT NOW!

Powerhouse is laid out in and around a hydroelectric power facility. Provides a good mix of indoor and outdoor action, and a surprising amount of verticality thanks to jetpacks. Generally splits into uphill and downhill sides, with the uphill part of the map having more buildings/corridors and the downhill featuring more isolated structures and boulders.

Best match types: Stockpile, Headhunter

The best way to get the most out of your Armor Power is to pair it with the appropriate weapon. Here are the locations of the key weapons on Powerhouse.

Focus rifle

Above: It's along the edge of the concrete wall in the open area with the big beams overhead

Gravity hammer

Above: From the downhill spawn area, run up the ramp and into the building on the right -it's on the right-hand side


Above: Discreetly tucked against one of the lower embankments in the downhill side of the map

Rocket launcher

Above: In the dead-end passageway on the uphill sideof the water

Grenade launcher

Above: See the toilets? There’s a shower to the right where the grenade launcher is hid (Also, this is a great place to hide out in Oddball)

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