Halo Infinite's Forge has spawned over a million creations

Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta
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Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries wants you to join it in celebrating over one million Forge creations. 

After the fan-favorite feature was released in Beta at the end of last year, Halo Infinite (opens in new tab) players have designed over one million Forge creations with the community development tool, and spawned over 8.5 million custom matches.

"In November, the Winter Update brought a host of new maps, modes, and features to Halo Infinite," wrote Halo Infinite's lead designer, Michael Schorr, on Xbox Wire (opens in new tab).

1m+ Forge creations and 8.5m+ custom matches played

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"One of the most exciting additions was the Forge Beta, a powerful fan-favourite toolset that Spartans have used to unleash their creativity since its inception in Halo 3. We’re happy to announce that, as of January 2, more than 1 million creations have been forged!"

The same post also celebrated the four "amazing community Forge creations" that were added to the Community Collection playlist earlier this month, which is reportedly "the most popular Halo Infinite playlist since the game’s launch".

"The Halo community continues to blow us away with the breadth of its imagination and innovation, and we have many more plans for Forge, from a Mini Game mode to new map budget categories to help support your creativity," he added. "We’re so excited to see what’s created next in Forge, and can’t wait to jump into Season 3: Echoes Within with you on March 7."

After 343 Industries' studio head, Pierre Hintz, recently issued a statement confirming the studio's commitment to the Halo franchise (opens in new tab) and stating that "343 Industries will continue to develop Halo now and in the future", Microsoft then quizzed players on whether or not they are "done" with Halo Infinite (opens in new tab).

While Halo Infinite was critically successful (opens in new tab) at launch, its sporadic and delayed content updates have left fans frustrated. Since then, there have been several high profile exits, including 343 Industries founder Bonnie Ross, who left the studio after 15 years (opens in new tab).

In other news, when Halo Infinite's Winter update finally arrived at the end of last year, bringing with it the series' iconic Forge creative tool, players swiftly jumped into the game to see what they could find in a new file-sharing system, including a hidden Infection mode (opens in new tab).

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