Halo Infinite's $140 LA Lakers bundle is selling for thousands online

A custom controller, jersey, and figurine
(Image credit: LA Lakers / Microsoft)

Halo Infinite's most recent cross-promotion bundle, this time with basketball team LA Lakers, is selling on eBay for more than ten times the original price.

The $140 bundle – which was briefly on sale yesterday, albeit only from the Team LA store at Staples Center ahead of last night's game between the Lakers and the Clippers – is the latest in a number of promotions for Xbox's tentpole shooter, Halo Infinite. It consists of a Lakers Master Chief 117 Swingman jersey, a Lakers-colored custom Xbox wireless controller, and a Master Chief figurine. 

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"Become Master Chief from Halo Infinite with the Lakers 117 Master Chief Jersey Bundle including a custom Lakers Xbox controller," teased a tweet from LA Lakers' official Twitter account yesterday. "Available today starting at 1:17pm only at the Team LA store at STAPLES Center."

The accompanying image acknowledged there were "limited quantities available", but that didn't dissuade the fans from queuing for several hours to get their hands on the bundle, not least because the individual prices of the custom jersey and controller make it a very good bargain indeed. 

As is usually the case when companies restrict the numbers or availability of sought-after items, dozens of bundles have promptly appeared online on auction sites, asking anything from $660 all the way to – wait for it – $2,599, which is around 18.5 times the original retail price if you're also prepared to pay extra for the Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X console and an Elite 2 Halo controller (thanks, Pure Xbox).  

ICYMI, Halo Infinite – which has yet to release in full and with only a beta version of its multiplayer available to play right now – is already the most-played Xbox Game Studios title of all time on Steam.

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"Having spent time with the Halo Infinite campaign myself, I now wonder if this is the moment so many of us have been waiting for. 343 is now in a position where it can step out from under the long shadow cast by Bungie's legacy and set its own vision for the future of the Halo universe. To accomplish such an audacious task?  Well, first the studio had to go back to where it all began."

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