Halo Infinite player straight-up steals the flag using a Ghost

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite players have found a way to take capturing the flag to the next level using a frankly busted Ghost interaction.

this_is_kinda_broken from r/halo

As this short video from Reddit user Cuadrado24 shows, you can place the flag on open ground and then hook it under the wing of a Ghost to create a flag delivery machine that will automatically roadkill any enemies that stand in your way. This lets you transport the flag obscenely quickly and with moderate moving cover thanks to the Ghost's bulk. Sure, your vehicle can get blown up, but you've got a much higher chance of getting sniped or rocketed while hoofing it. 

The Ghost is the perfect vehicle for this job – and possibly the only one, really. It's not just the geometry of the thing letting it quite literally take the flag under its wing; it's also a fast, omnidirectional vehicle which is easier to maneuver. You could theoretically push a flag with something else, but you'd probably be locked into a straight line, plus it would likely be much easier to lose the flag in the process. 

As the title of this Reddit post points out, this Ghost strategy is extremely overpowered and will surely be patched in the future, lest "capture the flag" become "beeline the flag to hell and back before you can so much as blink". But hey, we won't stop you from doing it in week two of the beta, which will be open to all Xbox players.

As our own Alyssa Mercante writes in her Halo Infinite multiplayer beta preview, it kicks ass and gives us everything we wanted. 

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