The next big Halo 5 mode is competitive pancake flipping

Halo 5's map editor, Forge, is capable of some truly impressive things. We've seen recreations of famous places from movies and games, including Peach's Castle and the podracing track from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Truth be told though, I expected such concoctions. What I did not expect was competitive pancake flipping.

Much like the pod racing map I showed you earlier this month, SplinterBL's "Flapjack Frenzy" takes advantage of a glitch in Forge mode that lets you weld typically stationary objects onto vehicles. Here, that concept is taken to an extreme, turning Banshees into spatulas, and Warthogs into pancakes.

Hey, if Rooster Teeth's custom Grifball mode can become an official gametype, maybe Flapjack Frenzy can as well. Until then, if you want to experience the iron griddle for yourself, just search for SplinterBL in Halo 5: Guardians.

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Sam Prell

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