Guilty Gear Strive's new DLC character is a trans icon with a yoyo

Guilty Gear Strive
(Image credit: Arc System Works)

Guilty Gear Strive is getting a brand new DLC fighter later today, just as the game surpasses one million copies sold.

Announced yesterday at the EVO 2022 tournament in Las Vegas, Bridget will be the next DLC character joining the Guilty Gear Strive roster later today, August 8. Bridget is actually the first of the second wave of DLC characters to launch for the fighting game, which casually confirms we're getting another round of brand new characters.

According to the official Guilty Gear website, Bridget was born as one of two male twins, but because the local hometown where the pair were born had superstitions against male twins, Bridget was raised as a girl from birth. Bridget now thinks behaving more like a man and bringing home riches and rewards will dispel the town's superstitions. 

Bridget's reveal is being celebrated by Guilty Gear Strive's community far and wide. Players are rejoicing for a brand new trans character to play after Arc System Works added the non-binary Testament earlier this year. There's also the tweet below that's become a bit of a hit, where one user claims they met game director Daisuke Ishiwatari. The director sketched Bridget for them and added a lovely little "trans rights" caption.

Alongside the announcement of Bridget, developer Arc System Works has announced that Guilty Gear Strive had sold over one million copies since it first launched last year in 2021. If you didn't already know, this makes Guilty Gear Strive not only the developer's best-selling game to date, but also its first game to hit the milestone of one million copies sold.

Elsewhere at EVO 2022, Capcom unveiled Juri and Kimberley for Street Fighter 6, the latter of which is a brand new addition for the fighting franchise. 

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