Guild Wars: Eye of the North dated for August

Guild Wars expansion Eye of the North has been slapped with a release date of August 31 and will set you back$39.99.

Sticking with the Guild Wars subscription-free model, Eye of the North is compatible with any of the three previously released campaigns in the MMO series and new content includes 18 multi-level dungeons, 150 new skills across all ten Guild Wars professions, ten new heroes, 40 new armor sets and new items, weapons and titles.

The expansion's storyline follows up on events told in the original Guild Wars campaign, and is set in previously unexplored areas of the continent of Tyria.

It also paves the way for Guild Wars 2, bringing in the Hall of Monuments which allows players to carry the legacy of their characters into the full sequel.

"The Hall of Monuments will allow players to preserve their accomplishments and titles from Guild Wars, Factions, and Nightfall, which can then be claimed in Guild Wars 2," NCSoft explains.

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July 2, 2007