Looks like the Horizon Zero Dawn studio is getting ready for a new announcement

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It looks like the studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn and the Killzone series is getting ready for a new announcement with an assist from a digital effects and animation company. Guerrilla Games principal animator Darren Randall shared a couple images of the entrance and recording facilities of Goodbye Kansas' Stockholm location, saying "we've come for your mocaps."

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Goodbye Kansas is the same studio that CD Projekt Red worked with for Cyberpunk 2077's E3 2019 cinematic trailer, as well as that equally cool making-of video. Goodbye Kansas' other game credits include cinematic trailers for Mass Effect: Andromeda, Raid: World War 2, and Overkill's The Walking Dead. Hey, at least the trailers for those games were good. Given those previous collaborations, it seems likely that Guerrilla is working with Goodbye Kansas on a CGI trailer for a project of its own.

What could it be for? Unless Guerrilla's doing some way-post-launch advertising for Horizon Zero Dawn or making a whole trailer just to congratulate its engine-mate Death Stranding on finally coming out, it's very likely for a new game. The last publicly announced project from Guerrilla was Horizon's Frozen Wilds DLC, which came out almost exactly two years ago at this point. Even if the studio lent a hand to Kojima Productions' on Death Strandings' development, it must have made progress on something of its own since then.

The most enticing possibility is Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. Horizon was Guerrilla's first all-new franchise since Killzone in 2004, and its positive reception makes a followup in the same universe seem all the more likely. The first game became a poster child for the improved visuals made possible by PS4 Pro, and it's easy to imagine a potential sequel doing the same as a PS5 launch game. If the trailer's just in the motion capture stages now, it will probably be a good while yet before we can see it, but hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to hear something about Guerrilla's next project.

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