Guerrilla Collective event postponed by one week in support of Black Lives Matter

(Image credit: Guerrilla Collective)

This week's Guerrilla Collective indie showcase has been delayed to June 13 in support of the continuing Black Lives Matter protests taking place across the globe. 

The event was originally scheduled to kick off on June 6, but the three day digital live stream will now take place from June 13 - 15, alongside a separate stream on June 7 to “to highlight Black voices in our industry”.

“The Guerrilla Collective came together to create a space where we all find a voice to support each other, our industry and our work." reads a statement on the initiative's Twitter account. 

"It is the cumulative effort of incredibly diverse teams unified in the creation of a digital event to bring hope and positive content to the world. We recognise this is a time for action and voice for speaking out for justice and change to be heard. We stand united for change, for justice and in support of Black Lives Matter.”

The Future Games Show, which was due to air on the same day as the Guerrilla Collective, has also been postponed to June 13, alongside the PC Gaming Show. Both of which were originally scheduled to take place no June 6. 

You can tune into the Future Games Show next Saturday. The show is set to feature a number of exclusive trailers and announcements from the most exciting upcoming titles of 2020 and beyond, and you can watch across the globe on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and GamesRadar.

For more, check out the biggest new games of 2020 on the way, or check out a sneak peek of the Future Games Show below. 

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