Quantum Error is bringing existential dread and FPS action to the Future Games Show

(Image credit: TeamKill Media)

Quantum Error is coming to GamesRadar's very own Future Games Show next week.

The developers of the PS5 and PS4 horror shooter revealed on their official Twitter today that they're part of the ever-growing lineup for the June 6 event. We can't tell you exactly what you'll see when Quantum Error takes the (virtual) stage - where would the fun be in that - but we will tell you that if you enjoy freaky sci-fi scares, you won't want to miss it.

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If you haven't been keeping up, Quantum Error is a first-person horror game that evokes both Doom 3 and Soma. The story is set in 2109, when much of the population has been turned into drones by an evil operating system deep in the heart of an iced-over San Francisco. Teamkill Media president Micah Jones told OPM that "the journey will reveal nefarious plans to transcend dimensions and communicate with mysterious beings that dwell deep in the cosmos", so you'd better pack extra rounds for your shotgun.

While Quantum Error is headed to both PS5 and PS4, Teamkill says it's focusing efforts on Sony's new console; look out for creepy drone monsters clawing at you in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, if the developers hit their goal.

Quantum Error is also aiming to be a PS5 launch title if possible, though Teamkill hasn't committed to any specific release timing so far.

Check out Quantum Error's ridiculously ambitious physics engine to see what else it could do with next-gen horsepower.

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