New PS5 game Quantum Error is a "cosmic horror shooter" with a ridiculously ambitious physics engine

(Image credit: Teamkill MEdia)

Another new game has been confirmed for PS5 from developer Teamkill Media, the independent studio behind last year's Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris.

Quantum Error is described by Teamkill as a "cosmic-horror first-person shooter", and the teaser trailer seen below certainly depicts scenes of a horrific nature, showing a playable character running into a horde of zombies in a dilapidated subway station. Check it out below. It's very Metro: Exodus

The game, which is also launching on PS4, apparently boasts an extensive physics engine, as a separate video posted on the game's official Twitter account promises that "99.9% of objects in Quantum Error will be physically simulating." 

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Quantum Error is the first of several third party games to be announced for Sony's next-gen console, scheduled to release in the Holiday season this year, provided the ongoing impact of COVID-19 doesn't lead to a PS5 delay

Teamkill hasn't revealed a specific release date, or even a general launch window, for Quantum Error, though the footage provided so far suggests the project is coming along nicely. 

In other next gen news, Microsoft recently clarified its decision to keep AA batteries in the Xbox Series X controller, suggesting that there remains an appetite for the disposable power cells even while a recent patent suggests Sony is looking into wireless charging for the PS5 controller

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