GTA: San Andreas - retail therapy

The latest shots of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas prove once and for all that when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. And the choices you make will affect gameplay as you either gain respect or get laughed out of the hood for sporting the wrong trainers. We've all been there.

First up, get your barnet sorted. He's sporting cornrows in the shot to the right but you can opt to give CJ a bald pate, afro or something called a jheri curl, amongst others. No mention of a mullet though, but surely it's in there?

Now your hair's suitably slick, you'd best get some threads in. As you progress gang colours come into play, as well as several different price ranges of clothing. Colours buy you instant respect, but make you a target, and all the other stuff you can buy will gain you various levels of attraction and respect from rival gang members and, yes, laydees.

Binco will be your first stop. It's a discount store, so prices are low, but it still does a decent line in suitably serious workwear. Once you've got some cash behind you, trade up to an outfit from SubUrban, who stock 'name' lines like Mercury and Base 5. SubUrban threads instantly get you more respect than that wack Binco clobber.

The truly moneyed gentleman of the street should be shopping at the worryingly name ProLaps, however. Here you'll find the most expensive, sports branded outfits to show off your ever developing physique, as well as some specific useful items like ice hockey mask and crash helmets.

And just like in real, actual life, buying new clothes doesn't mean you throw away your old gear. Simply enter your safe house and all your purchases are available from the closet. You can even mix and match your purchases to create all-new combos. Shouldn't you be out getting up to no good though?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for PS2 on 22 October