GTA Online's Bikers update is live, here's how it lets you raise hell on a hog

GTA Online's Bikers update is here and the arid highways of Blaine County may never be safe again. The official trailer from Rockstar runs down some of the changes real quick, but you'll want to read on for a full appreciation of all the intricacies of participating in and/or running your very own Motorcycle Club.

Get a clubhouse

First, your club will need a place to call home (and regularly trash). You can choose from one of 12 pieces of foreclosed real estate as the base for your hog HQ, but each one of them is guaranteed to have a full bar, arm wrestling table, dart board, and even an upgradeable Custom Bike Shop. There's also at least one corner that always smells like pee no matter how many times you shampoo the carpet.

Run a business

The MC President (there's a range of assignable player ranks, each of which confers unique benefits like being able to drop armor or set riding formations) can choose from a bunch of new Clubhouse Contracts. These are Freemode missions for the whole gang that might involve busting out a buddy from police custody or running a load of guns across the city limits.

The Club can also start its own illicit businesses including counterfeiting and drug production, but you'll have to front the startup costs, defend your interests, and successfully sell the goods before you can make a profit.

Your bike is your friend

Even if you're not interested in joining a biker gang, the update has a bunch of stuff that lone wolves can enjoy. Thirteen new bikes have been added to the game, but the really cool part is whichever one you ride the most will start giving you increasingly useful bonuses like full health regeneration (not just to 50 percent) and extra damage. Finally, bikes are a legitimate option for raising hell in Freemode! Especially since you can use new melee weapons like the Battle Axe and Pipe Wrench while you're riding.

The special event

It wouldn't be a proper GTA Online event without a bonus week: from now through Monday, October 10, you'll get a Western Logo Tee and Nagasaki Hoodie just for logging in (and a black Western Logo Tee if you buy a newly added Western Nightblade). You can also take advantage of discounts on body armor, ammo, and weapon tints from Ammunation.

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