GTA Online rounds out Entourage mode with three new maps and bonus GTA$/RP

You might have missed GTA Online's Entourage Adversary Mode when it arrived alongside the Stunt Race creator, but Rockstar's giving it a second coming this week. Along with three new maps set in the El Burro Heights, Pillbox Hill, and Paleto Bay regions, you'll get double GTA$ and Reputation Points for playing Entourage on any map. That includes participating in the latest event playlist, which will feature all Entourage all the time from now through Thursday, August 25.

If racing's more your speed than defending (or killing, or being) a VIP player, you can also pick up double GTA$ and RP on all Rockstar-made Stunt Races throughout the event. Relive those heady days of blasting through professionally constructed floating hamster tubes and pick up the red stuntman jumpsuit just for logging in. Once you're warmed up you can raise the stakes with the latest Premium Stunt Race, Plummet. As a reminder, the top three players will receive cash rewards in all Premium races for now, not just first place.

And it wouldn't be a GTA Online special event without a bunch of in-game discounts. New players take note: while you usually need to have completed The Humane Labs Raid Heist to buy a crowd-clearing HVY Insurgent assault vehicle, that requirement has been waived throughout this week. You can even pick one up for half off. That and a 50 percent discount on sniper rifles, miniguns, launchers, and ammo should get you competitive in a hurry.

As for less shooty and more vroomy, the Grotti X80 Proto, Dewbauchee Seven-70, Progen Tyrus, and Vapid Desert Raid are all 25 percent off.

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