GTA Online Cunning Stunts player creator is now live

GTA Online's Stunt Race Creator has gone live and Cunning Stunts are finally in the hands of the people. Players can start assembling their own death-defying multiplayer challenges from the dozens of new building blocks introduced in the expansion, including ramps, hovering tracks, and giant hamster tubes. Rockstar's even put together a handy guide in PDF form to get you started.

There're no new Rockstar-made Stunt Race maps (there are already 27) or vehicles this week. But there is a new Adversary Mode called Entourage, which sets one team composed of a Target and Bodyguards against another team of Assassins. Only the Target's mini-map reveals the location of the Assassins and extraction point, so the VIP will need to communicate with their bodyguards to survive the trip. You'll get double GTA$ and Reputation Points for trying out the Entourage Playlist from now through August 11.

And even as the month of Cunning Stunts comes to a close, you can show your undying affection for the over-the-top expansion with 25 percent off on tattoos and Stunt Clothing.

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