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GTA Online Cunning Stunts update lets you boost over buildings in patriotic hamster tubes

GTA Online's next update will shoot through a hovering tube and do a 720-degree flip over the Maze Bank skyscraper as it utterly demolishes whatever semblance of real-life physics it once had. In other words, the Cunning Stunts update planned for Tuesday, July 12 is when GTA Online goes off its meds and spirals deep into Trackmania.

If you've played many player-created races before, you've probably already encountered your share of physics-defying courses that use things like shipping containers to create aerial tracks. Cunning Stunts' courses will use a bunch of new props that look more Hot Wheels and less Tonka. They even have speed boost items for the full futuristic racing effect.

The update will come with an assortment of new vehicles across the supercar, sports car, and motorbike classes, and you can kit out your driver in appropriate new racing gear. Between this and the arcade-style Power Play adversary mode (which recently got some new maps) it seems like GTA Online is finally abandoning all pretense of realism, and I couldn't be happier.

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