GTA IV website updated!

With barely a little over a month left to go before Grand Theft Auto IV’s launch, we wouldn’t blame the folks at Rockstar for getting stingy with website updates- they’ve got a triple A game to put out, after all. Luckily the gracious guys haven’t forgotten us in their last minute panic; this week’s website update proves Rockstar’s love not only for its million dollar baby but for loyal, content-starved fans as well.

Hitthis linkto see what's newon theevents page,go herefor brand new wallpapers andherefor the new screens. You can also visit themusic section, which offers tantalizing glimpses at a few in-game radio stations. Check out two of them right here:

Grand Theft Auto IV is out April 29- and keep your eyes peeled for thefinal traileron March 27.

Mar 20, 2008