GTA 6 character reportedly revealed by voice actor's Facebook post

GTA online
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A GTA 6 character might have been revealed as a voice actor claims he's been cast as "police chief Captain McClane."

Just below, you can see a screenshot from the Facebook profile of actor and musician Dave Jackson, from yesterday on August 26. In the post itself, Jackson claims that he's secured the part of "police chief Captain McClane in the new Grand Theft Auto series," and tells fans to "stay tuned" for further updates and news.

Dave Jackson

(Image credit: Facebook)

While the Grand Theft Auto series obviously isn't new, it could be that Jackson is letting slip here that he's been hired for a role in GTA 6. One would naturally assume that GTA 6 is the next entry in the longstanding franchise from Rockstar Games - and according to Dexerto (opens in new tab) Jackson doesn't think the project relates to GTA Online - but of course the developer has never confirmed the existence of a follow-up to GTA 5. 

This is, of course, just the latest in a very long line of rumors and speculation surrounding GTA 6. Rumors and claims surrounding Rockstar's unannounced next game feel as though they've been circling forever, and the rumors themselves appear to have first begun around the beginning of 2020, when Rockstar's tax returns appeared to hint at a new game in the series. 

More recently though, the claims surrounding the unannounced game have zeroed in on certain aspects of the title. For example, as recently as last month in July, two reporters corroborated that GTA 6 was on schedule for a 2025 launch window, and will take place in a modern day reimagining of Vice City. Additionally, the two claimed that GTA 6 would feature an "expanding" and "evolving" map, not dissimilar from the way Fortnite periodically changes up its map. That would be quite the change from GTA 5's design philosophy.

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