GTA 5's Lamar roasts Franklin scene has been recreated by the actors IRL

One of GTA 5's funniest scenes has been recreated in real-life by the actors, with Gerald "Slink" Johnson and Shawn Fonteno reprising their roles as Lamar and Franklin, respectively.

In case you don't remember this brief but iconic cutscene, it's the one where Lamar asks Franklin if he can hang out in his place, Franklin says no, and Lamar proceeds to burn his life to the ground with a verbal takedown that seems entirely excessive for the situation.

Though largely inconsequential to the plot of GTA 5, the Lamar roasts Franklin scene has lived on in GTA infamy for years, and now PlayStation Haven has brought it to life with the help of the characters' actors. Check it out up top, and here's the original scene from the game if you want to compare:

Since GTA 5 first launched back in 2013, it's probably been almost 10 years since the actors first recorded the scene, but the real-life recreation is almost identical to the original. Maybe it's because Johnson and Fonteno rewatched the scene a few times to get it right, or maybe because the scene itself is a well-known meme that's spawned countless mods like the British version, the Spongebob version, and the Shrek version. The scene even invented its own slang term - per Urban Dictionary, "yee yee ass" is defined as "something that looks extremely horrible." Jeez, can we cut ol' Franklin a break? All he wanted was some privacy.

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