GTA 5 Stunt Jump locations guide

Southwest Los Santos

28: Drive South on the La Puerta freeway and head for the highest section of road that curves to the east. Just at the curve, there will be a sheet metal ramp that lets you launch off to the off ramp on the lower section of highway.

29: Hop on the La Puerta freeway from the on ramp at Little Seoul and look for the sheet metal ramp at the intersection. To clear the jump, just need to hop over the road and land on the on ramp on the other side.

30: Make your way to Dutch London St. and head east onto the grass towards the large rainbow colored sign. Drive under the train bridge and just ahead of you will be a small ramp. Hop over it any vehicle as the jump is tiny and you will complete this.

31: For this jump, you’ll want to use Franklin’s skill to give you an extra speed boost. Head to the aqueduct to the north of Maze arena and then head west in it. You will come to a ramp on the left side and when you hit it fast enough, you will launch over three bridges and land at the helicopter pad. Go straight off the ramp to make sure you hit the right helicopter pad.

32: This jump is a pretty simple one to get down. Simple hit the ramp on the left side and make sure you land on the road next to you.

33: At the airport, you can find this ramp south of a parking lot. To complete the jump you’ll need a fast car to get you onto top of the parking garage.

34: Much like the previous jump, you’ll need to launch upwards off the ramp on the left side and then land in the small parking lot directly in front of the ramp.

35: Go to the eastern airport runway entrance and there will be a small ramp on the right side. If Dom is there blocking the ramp, finish his mission and then return to the ramp. You’ll need to launch off the ramp and clear the gate for the jump to count.

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