GTA 5 Stunt Jump locations guide

North Los Santos

11: Drive down the steep hill to the north of the road and jump over it to land safely below.

12: Head to the Vinewood Hills and the corner of Mad Wayne Thunder Dr. and look for the house with the barriers to the right.

13: Make your way to the Los Santos Golf Course and head to the small bridge located in the south east corner. Hop over the bridge, preferably in a golf cart.

14: Make your way to Rockford Hills and head west to the subway entrance there. Drive up the ramp on the right marked “entrance” and sail over subway entrance. Land on the street on the other side to succeed.

15: At the corner of Milton Rd. and Boulevard Del Perro, there is a large building with a rather narrow opening. To complete the jump, you’ll need to drive through and land on the street through the other side. To make this jump infinitely easier, get a motorcycle.

16: Go west on Atla St. and make your way through the upper ramp inside Rockford Plaza and jump off at the curve when you get back outside.

17: Drive through the Jetty building at the top of the hill just north of Del Perro Beach and land at the gas station.

18: Make your way west along Bay City Ave. and go to the left side onto the grass through the orange poles on the left side. Keep going until you hit the ramp and jump off to land on the freeway below.

19: Look for this ramp on the ground level of the Del Perro freeway. Once you spot it, you will then need to jump off it and land on the other side of the freeway. Watch out for the oncoming traffic though!

20: You can find this jump beside to the north of the Arcadius building facing west on the Del Perro overpass.

21: On Elgin Ave, to the right of the Pillbox hospital entrance, use a motorcycle or franklin’s skill as the break in the railing is small to squeeze through.

22: On the circular overpass of Del Perro highway as it goes over the aqueducts below, jump off the sheet metal ramp to land along the water below.

23: At Pillbox hill, drive to the roof of the red parking building and on the roof will be a beer sign to use as a ramp. You will need a fast car or bike to be able to clear the small building below, after you jump.

24: When you reach the intersection of Vespucci Blvd. and Power St., go through the break in the rail slowly for if you go over it too fast, you will flip your car.

25: Drive to Decker St. in Little Seoul and look for the large pagoda jump through the pagoda from the east side.

26: Just south of the Weazel news building on Calias Ave, there will be barriers blocking a sidewalk on the west side. Go through and continue west to the jump directly ahead. Get some speed from the street to the east as you have to hit the street.

27: Go to Elgin Ave, and between the Ammu-nation and the Wisdahl Hotel, there will be a parking garage ramp. Drive up the right side and when you reach the top, there will be a ramp directly ahead. Go over slow and land on the street.

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