GTA 5 price explained: PS5 / Xbox Series X discounts and Shark Card savings

GTA 5 price
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Grand Theft Auto 5 is celebrating its third launch today, with the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X enhanced editions. However, series veterans will be glad to hear that the GTA V price has taken a significant cut to slide onto these shelves. There's some confusion surrounding just how much the new GTA 5 and GTA Online actually are - spurred on by some differences between consoles. 

Not only that, but the GTA 5 pricing system is also different in the UK, with both story and online modes packaged into the same cost at certain retailers. You can score introductory PS5 deals and Xbox Series X deals on this title to boot, which means there's a lot of numbers flying around right now. In short, the GTA 5 price is $9.99 / £8.75 on PS5 and $19.99 / £17.49 on Xbox Series X - until June 14, when those costs jump to $39.99 / £34.99. 

Once you factor GTA Online into the equation there's a little more to it than that, though, which is why we're digging into the GTA 5 price further just below, as well as rounding up some of the latest Shark Card prices for some spending money as well. This is by no means a new game, but there's plenty to dive into in this glorious current-generation reimagining - you'll find everything you need to know to catch up quick with our full GTA 5 cheats guide. 

The PS5 / Xbox Series X GTA V price explained

The GTA 5 price differs between PlayStation and Xbox right now. Until June 14, the game itself is available for $9.99 on PS5 and $19.99 on Xbox Series X - after that period you'll be paying the $39.99 MSRP on both consoles. 

On PS5, however, you can also pick up GTA Online for free until June 14, and PS Plus members can claim GTA$1,000,000 in virtual currency as well. The story's not quite as sweet over on Xbox Series X, though, which currently carries an introductory GTA 5 Online price of $9.99. Both consoles will move up to a $19.99 price on the online-only affair after June 14. 

Over in the UK, solo story mode is available for just £8.75 with GTA Online available for free on PS5. After June 14, those costs will jump to £34.99 for both the story mode and GTA Online, and £17.99 for GTA Online by itself.

You can pick up GTA Online by itself for £8.99 on Xbox Series X (rising to £17.99 after June 14), or opt for both story mode and GTA Online for £17.49 (rising to £34.99).

There's no GTA V upgrade options up for grabs here, but you can transfer save files from your PS4 and Xbox One copies.

GTA V shark card prices

For the full GTA V Online experience you'll want some cash in your pocket. Seeing as you're saving so much on these introductory GTA 5 prices, it's well worth taking a look at some of the latest Shark Card deals for some extra discounts on pocket money.

Red Shark Card (GTA$100,000) | $2.99 at GameStop (PS5)

Red Shark Card (GTA$100,000) | $2.99 at GameStop (PS5) | $2.99 at Microsoft (Xbox)
If you're just after a top up, the Red Shark Card is the cheapest unit of virtual currency in GTA V. GameStop carries the $100,000 card for PlayStation owners, and Xbox Series X players can head to Microsoft. 

UK: £1.99 at Amazon

Tiger Shark Card (GTA$200,000) | $4.99 at GameStop (PS5)

Tiger Shark Card (GTA$200,000) | $4.99 at GameStop (PS5) | $4.99 at Microsoft (Xbox)
For $200,000 GTA dollars, you'll move up to the Tiger Shark Card, available at both GameStop and Microsoft for just under $5. 

UK: £3.29 at Amazon

Bull Shark Card (GTA$500,000) | $9.99 at GameStop (PS5)

Bull Shark Card (GTA$500,000) | $9.99 at GameStop (PS5) | $8.59 at CDKeys (Xbox)
The Bull Shark Card is down to $8.59 at CDKeys for Xbox players, though PlayStation owners will still be paying the $9.99 MSRP at GameStop. That nets you GTA$500,000 for use in-game. 

UK: £6.19 at Amazon

Great White Shark Card (GTA$1,250,000) | $19.99 at GameStop (PS5)

Great White Shark Card (GTA$1,250,000) | $19.99 at GameStop (PS5) | $19.99 at Microsoft (Xbox)
Arguably the best value for money, you're getting $1,250,000 in GTA 5 virtual currency for $20. Again, PlayStation owners should head to GameStop if they're not buying through their console, and Xbox Series X gamers should head to Microsoft. 

UK: £11.99 at Amazon

Whale Shark Card (GTA$3,500,000) | $49.88 at Walmart

Whale Shark Card (GTA$3,500,000) | $49.88 at Walmart | $46.09 at CDKeys
For just under $50, you can pick up GTA$3,500,000 to play with. Walmart is offering the best price for PlayStation owners right now, and Xbox players can find around $4 off the price at CDKeys as well. 

UK: £31.99 at Amazon

Megalodon Shark Card (GTA$8,000,000) | $99.99 at GameStop (PS5)

Megalodon Shark Card (GTA$8,000,000) | $99.99 at GameStop (PS5) | $99.99 at Microsoft (Xbox)
For a bounty of GTA$8,000,000 you'll be looking at a $99.99 real-world price. There's very few retailers offering discounts on this massive haul, so we'd recommend heading to GameStop for a PlayStation card and Microsoft for an Xbox windfall. 

UK: £64.99 at Amazon

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